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"the application of scientific measurement to the investigation and prosecution of crime"

3D documentation of a crime scene
Equipment used in 3D documentation of traffic and crime scenes

Mr. Voitel has extensive experience in the 3D documentation and analysis of traffic and crime scenes. This includes the post processing of 2D and 3D data captured from drones, video cameras, 3D scanners and others. These data sets have subsequently been used to analyze critical incidents and create animations and visualizations to assist during investigations and eventually trial proceedings if necessary. 

Tilo Voitel holding his drone equipment

Traffic Collision Investigation & Reconstruction

Mr. Voitel also has extensive experience in the investigation and reconstruction of traffic collisions. His experience began as a motorcycle traffic enforcement officer with the Fullerton Police Department in 1994. He began testifying as an expert in 2000 with the Denver Police Department Traffic Investigations Unit and honed these skills working for a private engineering firm for many years.

Forensic Video Analysis

Video analysis tool (Axon Investigate (iNPUT-ACE ) equipment

Mr. Voitel recently began teaching the Metrologist

Certificate course online for Axon Investigate (formerly iNPUT-ACE). This course emphasizes the fact that most

video has a variable frame rate, and making sure that the variability does not negatively affect an expert's analysis

is critical. He also teaches how to take measurements

from video using 3D point clouds.

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